Turn zombie scrolling into learning

For most, including myself, it is almost an automated response to grab for your phone or iPad when procrastinating. Before you know it, you are in the depths of Facebook stalking or finding items on Pinterest you never knew you needed. Lauren Keeth reports the increasing trend for one long page reel rather than seperate pages to navigate online, possibly brought on by our smart devices with scroll, swipe up or swipe down facilities.

Surely we could be doing something more productive with our time, perhaps, learning another language or taking a course in website coding. For the next generation, this is how they are digesting information from the internet, therefore, separate pages in a textbook do not seem like an effective teaching method.

What if the news feed was full of rich information of a given topic for the ‘scoller’ to take in and continue scrolling at their own pace. I propose an endless reel of information filled with 6-second snippets of learning. In order to create this style of learning (or procrastination!) that we and the next generation have become so accustom to I will be using the social network ‘Vine’ to record the 6-second tutorials and ‘Padlet’ to present them in a scrolling-friendly manner.



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