Definition: (Noun) The combination of comedy and education.


Experimenting with and exploring six-second videos Vine has lead me to creating this word. I have reached that point of essay writing where I have either reached a ‘light-bulb’ moment or completely lost the plot, hopefully not the latter.

The comedy channel on Vine sits pride of place on Vine’s home page as one of the most popular channels. Ironically the top hit on the comedy channel is currently ‘Me as a teacher’, where a teacher announces 50 problems to the class, then skips to the teacher sharing his personal problems to the students while laid over them in a therapist style. This one particularly got me and is definitely worth a watch… https://vine.co/v/itMgEjeweTr

The comedy does not stop there, when searching ‘#education’ there was definitely not any Shakepeare plays or science experiments, instead, the top hits were six-second comedy sketches about education.

It is not long before you start seeing a pattern emerging on Vine, every video is there to entertain and to produce that all important ‘lol’. Hence, producing the word ‘comeducation’. For education to have its’ rightful place on Vine, to inspire and engage students, the six-second educational videos must have a comedic edge.

Here is my own attempt at adding that all important comedic edge to educational Vines for music GCSE revision of key terminology:

Hopefully my GCSE students will enjoy revising tonality as much as I enjoyed making the videos.  In essence, for ‘#education’ to start producing Vines of an educational nature and Vine to establish a meaningful place in the classroom, the six-second video must demonstrate the perfect balance of ‘comeducation’.

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