“I Heard It Through the (Grape)Vine”


As a musician, it was hard not to link the social network to the Motown classic but after exploring Vine, you can definitely hear and see it all on Vine in 6-second video loops. It has something for everyone on Vine, from comedy pranks to DIY to ‘weird’ (not all being appropriate for viewing!) and each story being told in just six seconds. The quality of videos range from impressive professional video editing to home videos from a smart device.

There is no doubt about it, ask any teenager or any up-to-date adult and they will have watched a six-second loop or even created one themselves.

So what is it that has made the 4-year old social network have over 200-million users? According to http://expandedramblings.com/index.php/vine-statistics/ over 1.5 billion loops are played each day and 71% of their users are ‘millennials’ (supporting my previous comment).

Of course, it has to be the 6-second length of the videos that is attracting our goldfish generation to the popular network. Not to mention the ease of making and posting a video. You have 6-seconds of video time, however, you have a stop-motion function to stop and start the video else where if you choose. This is ideal for a comedy sketch or how-to video. You can even add your own soundtrack from ITunes, or make your own of course. Although, it does need to be something bearable to be heard over and over again on a loop.

Where does Vine fit in with education? Well surely there is a gap in the market for 6-second tuition videos to be used in the classroom or indeed out of the classroom. Or is there a reason there are very few informative Vines out there? I will hopefully be proving that 6-second tuition videos are informative and of educational value to engage those students with even the shortest attention spans.

(A quick one I tried today…7 Years Theme

I left it on a loop in the classroom while the students began to find the notes and play with the video. It certainly sped up the modelling process.)

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